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User Contest 2017 - Rules and Regulations

1. Participating in the contest
This contest is free and accessible to all professional users of an official, registered and legal version of SCIA Engineer. Students can not participate.

Participants in this contest may submit a maximum of 3 projects per company and that must be designed with SCIA Engineer (Allplan Engineering users can no longer participate). This contest is open to projects that have already been realised or for those which are still in progress, yet with the design or detailing fully completed. Projects that have been submitted in any SCIA contests before, can not participate again.

Taking part in the contest is official when the "Registration Form" on the User Contest website has been filled in, submitted, and the participation has been confirmed by email. By registering, the contest rules are fully accepted by the user. English is the only allowed language in which the user may present his projects and company.

2. Categories
Each participant can submit one or more projects in each of the following 4 categories:

  • Category 1: Buildings
    Design of buildings, residences, apartments, roof spans for houses, also high-rise buildings - for which SCIA Engineer software has been used for modelling, analysis, design and detailing.
    » The originality of the design and detailing of the structural work fitting with the architectural design is a decisive factor. Illustration of a BIM process is of special importance.

  • Category 2: Civil Structures
    Any type of structure that fits within civil engineering, at which SCIA Engineer software has been used. It regards structures including each type of bridge (beam, arch, cable-stayed, suspension bridge …), tunnels, bulkheads, locks, barrages, in short general infrastructure ...
    » The level of application of engineering science is decisive.

  • Category 3: Industrial Buildings and Plants
    Design of general steel or concrete structures, power plants, frame structures, large span halls and hangars, pre-engineered buildings… for which SCIA Engineer software has been used.
    » The focus is on the size of the structure, and the level of detailing, e.g. for the steel or concrete members and connections, or reinforcement.

  • Category 4: Special Projects
    Specialty structures – Sustainable, Ecological and Green Structures – Scaffolding – Works of art – Mechanical equipment … Larger projects (storage tanks, conveyer belts, cold storage installations, supporting structures), playground equipment, cranes, tubular connections … for which SCIA Engineer software has been used. To this category also belong stadiums, spectacular roofs.
    » Winning criteria are: originality, complexity and creativity.

We reserve the right to re-classify projects in the appropriate category, other than the one in which you have submitted your project, in which case we will inform you immediately.

3. Conditions of Participation
Each confirmed and accepted participant obtains his own protected space on the User Contest website, where he/she can publish his/her project(s). No documents can be exchanged by mail or any other media without mutual consent in advance.

On 31 March 2017, the website access will be closed and access to the projects will be revoked. At that date, all the required project materials must be complete and uploaded (see "How to participate?"). Only projects fulfilling the minimum requirements will be admitted and evaluated by the jury.

By taking part in this user contest, the customer grants the contest organiser the permission to use the submitted material for any kind of publication such as the book, websites, newsletters, testimonials, brochures, advertisements, social platforms or any other way... By participating, the participant also certifies that there are no copyrights owned by any third party on the submitted material or the participant has explicit permission by the owner to use it.

4. Prizes, Jury and Evaluation of the Projects
SCIA will grant a money prize in the form of a cheque of 1.500 Euro to each of the 6 winners (4 Category Prizes + 1 Prize of the Jury + 1 Prize of the Public).

a. Category Prizes
An independent contest jury – composed of academics and professionals from various countries in Europe – will gather in May 2017 for the evaluation of the submitted projects. The judging will be done under the guidance of a dedicated SCIA representative, who is in charge of the contest. This person will see to the correct application of the quotation procedure.

The jury will judge the projects taking the following characteristics into account

  • The technical level of the design, detailing and/or the calculations, the use of a BIM workflow, sustainability, environmental conditions, etc...
  • The originality and prestige of the project
  • The attractiveness and completeness of the project and the way it has been presented in the submitted documents
  • The optimal use of the functionalities of the used software solutions

b. Prize of the Jury
From each of the 4 categories one project will be selected by its sub-jury and put forward to win the ‘Special Prize of the Jury’. The jury will deliberate on these 4 projects and chose this 5th winner by deliberation. Special attention goes to projects having adopted a BIM workflow or illustrate best practices in sustainability, environmental conditions and advanced ecological and green structures.

c. Prize of the Public
This winner will be selected by a voting system via SCIA's Facebook channel independently of the jury gathering. Any Facebook fan, may vote on any uploaded project by clicking its 'like' button. It is allowed to vote on multiple projects. Contest participants will be allowed to share this dedicated page with all their peers to collect as many votes as possible. If SCIA however notices that voting behaviour on a certain project shows irregularities, we reserve the right to deduct these votes (likes) or eventually disqualify the participating project.

5. Confidentiality
All information presented in the entry files will remain confidential until the date of the official proclamation. The members of the jury are obliged to the deliberation secret and only have temporal access to all project materials during the evaluation period.

6. Presentation of the Projects
Each submitted project needs to contain the following parts. More detailed information and conditions will be available in the project upload web form.
  • Short Company Profile and Project Description (via Word Template)
  • Company Logo (in highest resolution)
  • Screen captures and/or exported imagery (in highest resolution)
  • Digital photos and/or virtual images of the project (in highest resolution)
  • The SCIA Engineer Software Files of your project
  • Optional: any other files that might interest the contest jury and could raise your chance of winning this contest, like movies, presentations, engineering reports, etc...

7. Organisation of the Contest
The contest is organised by SCIA nv, Industrieweg 1007, B 3540 Herk-de-Stad, Tel: +32 13 55 17 75, Email: contest@scia.net

The contest may be interrupted, postponed or cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. The participants waive each right of lodging a complaint or claiming compensation with regard to this stipulation.

SCIA nv - Industrieweg 1007 - B-3540 Herk-de-Stad, +32 13 55 17 75,
contest@scia.net - www.scia.net

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